The future of the world

Now the famous words and technology news are related to Artificial Intelligence. educated community and the scientific world are thinking about AI and industrial revolutions. One more health problem that is going to happen to human society across the world is Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR). It is a specific condition to the body that the body will not accept any antibiotics for resistance. This leads to another condition that the human body is not treatable with medicine.

Presently there are a lot of problems excusing as medical conditions. If we ignore all those factors the existence of man is a great problem. The future lies in AI and darkness. In this situation, we have to think about what is the alternate for this? What is the future of our children?

DET is the answer to existence. As mentioned in our masters there are a lot of technologies and guidelines for the well being of humans and other beings. The compilations of the theory of ancient masters are reorganized for the existence of human being .

The Master for teaching 


The last person of the Siddha yogi traditions Guru Yogi Mohan, a saint is with us to explain all the ritual process, terminology and measurements through the way of modern science especially through the theory of physics 


Guru Yogi Mohan

Guru Yogi Mohan spent his whole life to study, research and experimenting with the definition of ancient knowledge and it definitions. Now it is describing and teaching the world for the purpose of disability Elimination nd and rare disease curing. Without any medicine or additional substance. Everything lies in rituals.


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