Why we need a new approach in the matter of Human Disabilty and Rare Disease  

We are richest by the knowledge provided by our ancient masters. They provided ample information in almost all areas of life and society. For many reasons all that knowledges are not communicative to the current generations. The heritage Campus has been in the drive for thirty years to reestablished all those knowledge to the most modern society. Now we have a mission that eradicates human conditions. human conditions are including rare diseases and disabilities. We have ample information and we are fortunate to study, experience and represent it.


The current population of the world is struggling with many kinds of health-based issues created by man. Many are rare diseases and disabilities. In human microcosm, every activity like trade, politics, galas, and polls are ultimately for happiness. Revelation is a mechanism that creates changes by itself. The law and policymakers from all sectors are not particularly specific in doing anything but following what dos the formers. In every twenty-six years of a person, a new generation is starting as future generations. The man can change by using a new phonetics of the language, style in living, approaches to the others, redefining cultural definitions and usages are major changes in every new generation. None can change a natural process that happened naturally. The mechanism of the universe and beings in the earth remains the same in appearances and actions even while changing the attitude and approaches of man. The ignorance and limitation of understanding the real factors are the hindrances to getting it accessed to facts and cause of everything.

 All the emotional actions and reactions are getting happiness and that is why the actions in man. The law and policymakers have great responsibilities to provide happiness for the common man because they are the manpower to get facilitated for everyone.  But Unhappy is the outcome in all areas of society. The fundamental unhappy is damages in health matters. A considerable percentage of society is struggling with many kinds of issues for body and mind. We can classify it in many ways.  Human disabilities in many forms, a rare disease in more than a thousand classifications and other physical deformities. The problems are with them are seeing the darkness in front of them. They have no hope of ray in front of them giving a chance to relax by offering a way to come out from the shell of the disabilities, rare disease and other medical conditions. The modern science is interpreted science is a hypothesis that should reproduce by using the same methodology applied in the hypothesis. If it is agreeing with science, is it possible to reproduce every beings and plant as it is defective?   There is a misinterpretation in the matter of aesthetic imbalance, disabilities, and rare diseases are fundamental problems and that can be solved using the way it has been produced. Most of the modem definitions are adamant with the interpretations with almost major areas. there is nothing as new innovations instead an innovation is repaganizing something new for them and that exists from the begging itself.

Every being is created as per the protocol of the system and when it changes the protocol it will be imbalanced in some areas. A damaged cake in the backing process is an understanding of the temperature of the oven or the fermentation is wrong or not apt for the purpose. And it is the guideline to put a static signature in temperature and fermentation. And through this information make expertise in the backing of a good cake.

The limitation for unhappens of the human microcosm is indifferent form. Mainly the revelation of human findings and expeditions.

 The man changed in many ways like culturally and technically. All those changes are to the approaches only. Not for the man. Man is remaining the same since the beginning to date. He is walking with two legs, seeing with two eyes, and he has two hands, two ears, one nose, one genital, and discharge points and with the same emotions to get attracted and to be presented self. As mentioned above about the cake making the man never stood statically for anything. They change every time. That is also in health, well beings, living for longevity and without unhappy. The ancient men discovered the fundamentalism of the problems in every age after birth and till death. As per that they created principles, policies, and fellowship to maintain a healthy way of life and happens. The early man used many kinds of applications with definite purpose are the keys of the mastermind.

 Here we are recognizing, the ancient approaches and rituals are true sciences and that is capable to manage, eradicate, reform and reinstall human disabilities and used tools to forecast and organize it. The definition and application methodologies are experiencing here with the Postgraduate Diploma in Disability Elimination Technology teaching by the   Heritage campus trust. through that, we are changing the world to happiness within a short span of five years’ time and we can see the world with happiness. that we remain.

Guru Yogi Mohan
Managing Trustee,Heritage Campus 
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