Curriculum and Lectures

Introduction about the course

History and development of ancient and traditional knowledge.

Methodologies and approaches to the traditional knowledge using the signature and markings of the masters.

Usage and practise of the teachings of the masters.

Evidence-based experiments, approaches and practise. (Demonstration of real case and analysis used in Kayakalpa )

Enumeration, demonstrations and definitions of the problems for the human body as per the terms of ancient knowledge and Kayakalpa.

The definition of the formation and development of the human body in terms of Kayakalpa.

Equations, ratio and calculations of the establishment of the human body from birth and development.

The formation and its methodology in every being in terms of Kayakalpa.

How we can manage the crisis relate with human bing and methodology of sustainability and existence.

The theory, methodology and approaches of Alchemy and it's interpretations.

The demonstration of Human idol and canon. Identifying the aesthetics of the canon, ratio and proportion.

Methodologies for decoding a body and mind using different parameter.

The definition of human birth in terms of Kayakalpa?The different biological approaches connecting with repulsive forces and invisible light.Definition of invisible light and its actions.

Definition of body and mind. Responsibility of the body and mind in every occasion of the living face.

The limitation of accepting a foreign substance to the body for the solutions of correcting the physiological mechanism of the body.

The measurement of intellectual and physical ability, disabilities and methodology of evaluation.

The definition of aesthetic imbalance and its correction based on the proportion, ratio and canon of the body.

What is consciousness? classification of consciousness and methodologies to attaining it.

The calculations of sense, sensing and the data of sense in different and organised situations.

How to organise the body for a better experience as per the desire.

The mechanism of thought and related action to the human body and mind.

Chemistry of the body on behavioural situations.

Technical approach to preparing the project for organising the body, mind and career for the meaningful healthy life.

Living longevity without disease, disability, rare disease and ability for sustainability. Methdolodolgy, approach and practise.

Critical analysis and management

Evaluation of Creation of human and other beings.

Theory of sustainability

Preparing for practising the Kaykalpa and other Kalpa sutras.

organising the mind and body and step of procedures

Starting the Kayakalpa practise in your own life (Do It for You and Do It for Someone)

Preparing a personal report?

The action of light in observation ?

reconnecting the body and mind relation?

Analysing the result through the self verification?

Setting up a Kayaklpa theater for your clients and public.