Happiness  Project  1

Holistic Healing program for HIV

This program offers freedom from HIV (Assured normalcy in 45 days program.)

 As a result of this course, one will get a virus-free body in few days after starting the course. This program is designed as per the theory of living longevity of ancient tradition. Every participant will get comfort for body health and after they will be free from HIV and related problems. Technically, after attacking HIV, the human body is attaining a condition that affects all organs and blood. Upon completion of this 45 days course, the body shifted to normal conditions. In this course, the traditional methodology has been used and no medical approaches are administrated. The sessions will be 45 minutes per day. 

It is a holistic way that re-organizes the body in 24 hours. In five days, after starting this program, the body is developing immunity and can resist to development of virus attacks and a cleansing process will begin within the body. 

The results you will get:

  1. In 2 days the body will attain resistance against HIV.

  2. In 5 days, the damaged physical properties of the body will show normal health and appearance. And every infected body will be converted to a normal body. The blood will change organs like the kidney, pancreas, digestive and all other systems will appear normalcy. In this state, the blood content of the body will start changing and the virus will be disappearing.

  3. On day 28, the body will attain an HIV antibody. In this stage, the HIV antibody test shows virus not detected( PCR test)

  4. From day 29 onwards, the body is fixing the antibody. It is a permanent state and for that body need body time. 

  5. In 45 days, a body will be healthy and free from HIV. It is giving the normalcy. A PCR test is advised for every HIV peoples. The tests can tell whether or not someone has the virus very early on in their illness.

Reserve your seat by sending a mail : vikrtorg@gmail.com

Happiness  Project   2

Healing programs for Blood and bone marrow cancers (Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma)

Duration of the program: 51 days 

Result: permanent 

Age: No age restrictions.

Ask for the availability of a seat.