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Disability Elimination Technology 

Before developing writable languages in the world there are a lot of technologies for the existing of the human microcosm. God and religions are part of that. In Hindu mythology, there are 499 different technologies that are capable to live for longevity without ailment.  Most of them are defines to the disciples orally. That is why the knowledge has been conveyed to the next generation as tradition. Heritage Campus successfully reinstall all those technologies to the modern languages and parameter.  Now it is available as a PG program.

Modern western medical science is dealing with pathological definitions of the human body. But all rare disease, disabilities, and related deformities are medical conditions and is not curable medically. In ancient science, there are many definitions and parameters on how to define a human body vertically and chronologically. There is a number of definitions in Vedic scripts. the olden language set and definitions have been not communicative with the digestive format of the meaning for other languages. Even the inner strength of the terminology of the pronounced version has multiple interpretations and masters' meanings were different in real face. One of the ancient Vedic formats named Kayakalpa has been practiced as a ritual format since the last century. Kayakalpa is also one of the ageing reverses programs of the ritual system for living without ailments, ageing control and extending the life.  

Defenition of the problems 

The worse situation in life is to difficult to understand the helplessness. In the matter of disabilities, there are no languages to express to another person because the disabilities are unique and have no language to define the feelings and limitations. It is an absolute helpless condition. A disease can be defined or finding out by using a pathological aspect. But disabilities and rare diseases cant have a definition with measurements or scales. But a human body has an algorithm and chronology from beginning to end. That cant to be changed by using any external substance. The disability Elimination Technology is one that seeing the chronology of the body of disability and has a well defined technical approach to that make it organized. It is a kind of re-organization and upon that the body will be normal that starts to function normally. this is called DET.  A body can be defined differently that is not the body alone. the biological body is a mechanism to carrying other particles of the body. A human body is a combination of different versions. All those are defined as mind and spirit, dark mass, invisible mass etc. rare disease, disabilities(conditions), and deformities are happening because of the problems are in other parts of the body. A medical approach can be administrated only to the biological body. It has been successfully completed more than 3000 experiments with are disease and human conditions by the Heritage Campus that helps to form a complete science  as Disability Elimination Science (DES)


Defenition of the Human Body 

The oldest Vedic theory defined the body of man and God as simpler to human idle. In Vedas there are hundred of ritual processes everything is for the wellbeing of the ma. God is a mediator in all occasions. Sperm and egg are independent living bodies that move but have no soul. The birth process in a dark tunnel (Mother womb) as an energy fusion as a result of excitements male and female bodies. Birth is a fusion of light in association with a union. This light needs a holder for existing that is called the body and is developing after the fusion of light is called a body. This body has seventeen actions to perform when and where required. The constitution of the seventeen action correspondingly making a body good or bad. The regulations of a number of actions are life science defined everywhere both in Vedas and Science. whenever a body is damaged the body fails to hold the light. Losing light is called death. But in ancient days there is ritual process for the existence of the light in many ways. All those are the modern form of rare disease, disabilities, and deformities in various kinds. 



The Education Program 

The Oval cave Technology and associated innovations of the pre-Buddhist period, square cave technology of Buddhist period, bell technology of iron age, darkroom technologies of the pre-Arian period, metal technologies from the bronze age, ritual technologies from Vedic period, are the major knowledge till 500BC. The light from a different source, the definition, and administration of air, sound, smells are used in the ancient period.

The course technically contains detailed information and study for the period of 3600 BC to 2000AD. It covers many civilizations and their knowledge used for existence is the fundamentalism used in Disability Elimination Science.

Upon completion of this course, one is achieved the knowledge for normalizing any problems in the human body (other than a disease). The problems of the definition can be anything in the case of definitions. But the answer is, reverted to the origin. Technically, masters suggested to Go back to the mother’s womb and be secured. This theory helps to attain a secured situation like be inside the mother’s womb.


Be the part of social reforming 

Upon successfully passing out the course of PGDDES, promising a carrier in the area of human wellness and disability management. The knowledge in “theory of existence” are the major information with them upon the PGDDES.  There are many hundreds of problems with our society. All those are cause by unique problems or unidentified. A student of DES is capable to understand the problems using a technical evaluation format and they can define the actual problems. The technical program of disability/ rare disease normalization process they can be the guide for changing one near to you from disability or are disease . The majority of the society have non-medical problems. And all of you have a major role to work in the society. More details can be having from the student’s prospectus.


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