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How Kayakalpa Works with a Human Body


Thousands of years ago Kayakalpa has been practiced as a remedy for resistance, living longevity, conditions, and many more in caves. The ancient masters find out the technical methodology to convert a human being within the cave. A cave can be organized as an incubator for developing a human body after the birth.


After the development of writing language in the ancient period, the approaches to Kayakalpa defined spirituality and defined it as a tool for consciousness. It is witnessed for disappeared from the body. The technology has been reached through a tradition and no definition available for outsiders other than traditions.   


Upon the development of alchemy traditions the concepts of started to change. Here is a junction for definitions as two branches of approaches. The first one is an alchemy tradition with conversions of metals and minerals to the digestive form of chemicals. It has been started to establish a Siddha traditions. They used to organize metals and minerals through Calculations and decoction.  It has been explained as a remedy for the common disease to society. 


After a few centuries of the establishments of Siddha alchemy, new definitions are established claiming about the Ayurveda. Basically in the material chemistry, there is not much difference but only one more branch is added with it is installation. Siddha alchemy has been sections and calculations.  Ayurveda has devotion, calcination, and distillation.  And there are more than 29 kind of local formulas have been developed during the same period across the world.

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Even after the development of alchemy and modern medicine, the problem will not be solved. All the medicine has limitations in the large area of human problems. It has been like the definitions and pharmacopeias in all chemistry related to health and drugs cannot define the human conditions and rare diseases. These situations lead to the superstitions and magical remedies. A large number of people have been misused or exploited in the name of magical remedies. The authentic versions and technicalities did not come to light due to the illiteracy of the large community.  Kayaklpa has been ignored or not promoted for many reasons. Someone interpreted it as  Yoga. But the true technology conveyed through a traditional channel.


Now, Kayaklapa teaching here as true traditional technologies that teaching about how to keep the body by protecting repulsive forces and how they can regenerate the aged and damaged body cells.  It is a darkroom process. Earlier, in the ancient period it has been practiced only in caves. No concrete buildings were available on those days. Man maid architecture has not been affianced to follow the living longevity technologies on those days. Now you, for everyone can setup own Kayakalpa theater, because it is required only a closed room within your home itself. Now aging, disease control, and living longevity in with you. Just you understand the step by step procedure, the rest we will give you. Ir is controlled by a laptop. Now Nothing is impossible