Become a Professional in

Disability Management 

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PG Diploma in Disability elimination technology giving the knowledge for eliminating disabilities and human condition of the rare disease permanently. It is the complete theory survival using the ancient technologies    

Became a Disability Management  Professional  

The crucial face of disability and rare diseases are experienced by the parents of such children. upon the birth of a disabled, the living defenition is started to change for them. We recommend such parents to join this course that they can understand the problems of such society and the possibilities of the new approaches. We also recommend special educators, health workers, occupational therapists, and who particularly interested in the area of wellness and its technologies . of course we encourage medical professionals and doctors from the health industry to join and study this branch of technology that can be an added knowledge for their professional expertise.



- Be at least 20 years of age

- Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

- Obtain at least a current third-class medical certificate

- Receive a minimum of 100 hours of study in any religious approaches and culture.

- Pass a knowledge test as well as the social commitment 

A Professional of PGDET can be an Expert of Managing all Human Conditions 

It is not required medical knowledge and is not contain with any medicine. it is concaved from the terminologies of the ancient rituals and fellowship

The ancient schools of our traditions where teched all those system through the knowledge of traditions. From the beginning to end there is an algorithm to make understand the creation of a being is important in this knowledge. All the human problems are solvable by knowing the complete body algorithm uniquely. In this course, we teach the methodology for understanding the algorithm and alignments of it like an electronic diagram.

The history of innovations and developments of knowledge are faster than it appears in effects. Thinking differently are caused to implement it in large scale by many peoples. Technologies, culture, life style and languages changed in different daimonions. But fundamentally biological man did not change. He is still where he was started the life in the history. The ancient masters of our traditions have been taught to our forefathers’ lot of things. In the flow of drastic changes of the world, the views and approaches only changed to them, but body, mind, energies, food, drinks and other intaking like breath air, lights and behaviors of the nature is not changed. We need to compromise all those things appropriately for existence and what the ancient masters teached. That we can follow what our traditions teach us for wellbeing and living longevity.

When one is able to see differently, Human Disabilities can be solved.  

Everything is definable. Learn the definition and you also can change around you.

Disability and related topics are based on creation, formation and sustaining. It is a perfect science of ancient Vedic topics. Not in modern defenition. 

The Key and defenitions describing by Guru Yogi Mohan in a modern way. Learn the key and be part of changing the world. 

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