Management program for Autism and Disability. Management Program for Autism and Learning disabilities is an online course designed for the teachings for parents of children with autism, special educators and other individuals who already purchased” Theory and Practice of Kayakalpa” ( YOU CAN BUY THE BOOK)HERE). This teaching is providing general discussions, clears doubts and guides the people with human conditions.  We have different courses for all kinds of rare diseases, cancers, HIV, Antimicrobial resistance etc. And if you have a unique problem, you have to contact with Heritage Campus. The discussions are available only at the upper right side of the teaching class.


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Ancient Himalayan Technology for Living Longevity 

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We have a mission that provides knowledge to survive from crisis  

It is not the time to criticize the merits of the ancient knowledge.  we have to accept exemplary experiences whether it is ancient or modern, science or technology and new or existing! One thing we have to understand that the ancient people and their knowledge are the science of their time and have proofs. Ancient systems are demonstrated in their languages which is unaware of the modern generation and scientific communities.  The subject and object are human beings all the time. All the ancient and modern innovations are for the wellbeing of man. The human disabilities, rare disease, aesthetics, and antimicrobial resistance are conditions for modern technologies and there are no solutions for that now. In this situation, few of the ancient terminologies and technical approaches are found good for solving those limitations. For that, educating to the modern society helps to solve all such limitations for wellbeing and maintaining complete health. Our mission is to empower the society by educating them.

                     --Guru Yogi Mohan 


Guru Yogi Mohan, Technology Expert &

Master of Kayakalpa

Kayakalpa is the oldest technology taught by the masters for existence and survival from epidemics and rare diseases. It is a nonmedical administration for the human body for 21 days and upon that the damaged cells of the body will be regenerated as new. It is possible by the approach of this technology. It is a kind of knowledge that all the physical glands will produce the resistance through the new cells. It is helping to develop physiological and intellectual problems. 


Kayakalpa For living Longevity &

Rare Disease 

 Kayakalpa is the oldest knowledge for living longevity, aging control, and solving human conditions and cancers. It is one of the trio factors based on the human body and mind. Individually all the science has limitations to working in the body. It can be a perfect career as a future technology in a health-based profession. Ancient alchemy or modern medicine will not work indispensably for human conditions and incurable disease. It has many practices and rituals in all its junctions and that will not work for basic reasons. Kaykalpa is an ancient methodology for regeneration body and mind through a 21 days medicine-free practice in an organized place. It will give aging control, solution for cancers, HIV, AMR, and the body will be organized to resist any situations. 

Kalpa Sutra For autism and Learning Disability

KalpaSutra is the ancient remedy for regenerating damaged cells. It is for the purpose of intellectual and physiological problems for children under the age of 18. This ancient methodology is usable for developmental delay, HDD, ADHD, autism, and other disabilities. This course is for parents, teachers, medical professionals, social workers, and career aspirants. It is not for the purpose of doing it by themselves.

Dr. Sachithanathan

I have changed my perspective on life and believes. I am a medical doctor practising for 30 years after my MBBS and MD, in neurology. My 23 years old son has been with intellectual disabilities and physical deformities. I am a single parent and it was difficult to manage his needs while my busy professional schedule. two years ago now, I meat Guru Yogi Mohan. He explained an ancient definition of human biology. His explanations confused me and being a medical doctor was not able to accept the terms. But it forced me to have a try for my sun. In 12 days things have been changed. His physical intellectual appearance has been changed. and in 45 days, he converted to a normal human being with intellectual abilities . and his physical disabilities disappeared and now he is an accepted person in the society. Thanks to Guru Yogi Mohan and heritage Campus. I suggest everyone to learn it and adopt it in life and profession.

Dr Sachithanathan, MBBS, MD

 Dr Shahida

I am Dr.( Mrs.) Shahida, working as an assistant professor in a medical college for 7 years. My only son shows autistic behaviours since his age of 3 years. The very first symptom for him has been an episode of epilepsy and after that, he is started to behave aggressively. The things have been upside down every day and he started to torture himself and attacked others. In our knowledge, we did every medical solutions, but we did not find any result from all those. Finally, we heard about Guru Yogi Mohan and Heritage Campus, that teaching ancient knowledge KalpaSutra for the solution for Autism and other behavioural problems. We underwent 21 days KalpaSutra program and we got the result in this period. We are recommending that all human conditions and rare diseases can be solved in a few weeks of time after learning the definition and approach. We thank to HeritageCampus and Guru Yogi Mohan.

Dr.( Mrs.) Shahida,MBBS,MD

Ms Veena

“I am Ms.Veena. One evening I felt that a body pain. In two days it has been very saviour and I was not able to afford that. I have no words when I am remembering the feel of pain now. I have been admitted to an emergency department of a multi-speciality hospital. They did some medication but the pain is not reduced. I have been referred to the intensive care unit and all the examinations took place. Finally, the result came and doctors explained that the blood has some kind mix which is not appropriate and that is why the pain. slowly I realized that I am a cancer patient. Doctors have to do nothing because they have no remedies for my pain . after 45 days I got discharged from the hospital and given me a bundle of medicines, but they hinted that my life is too short. 

In my village many people recovered for any kind of rare disease from Heritage Campus and guru yogi Mohan and they suggested me to go and ask Guru for a solution. 

When I meet guru at Heritage Campus, he told me that you don't worry, you will be fine in 21 days. I started to stay nearby place and followed the teaching and living of Kayaklpa .and in five days I felt that I am free from my problems. Now, 2 years ago, I am more young, energetic, and working in a bank with a social reputation.  Ms Veena G