Holistic Online Healing program for HIV. This program offers freedom from HIV, Blood Cancers and Brain Tumors.

                  (Assured normalcy in 45 days program)

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Ancient Himalayan Technology for Living Longevity 

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We have a mission that provides knowledge to survive from crisis  

It is not the time to criticize the merits of the ancient knowledge.  we have to accept exemplary experiences whether it is ancient or modern, science or technology and new or existing! One thing we have to understand that the ancient people and their knowledge are the science of their time and have proofs. Ancient systems are demonstrated in their languages which is unaware of the modern generation and scientific communities.  The subject and object are human beings all the time. All the ancient and modern innovations are for the wellbeing of man. The human disabilities, rare disease, aesthetics, and antimicrobial resistance are conditions for modern technologies and there are no solutions for that now. In this situation, few of the ancient terminologies and technical approaches are found good for solving those limitations. For that, educating to the modern society helps to solve all such limitations for wellbeing and maintaining complete health. Our mission is to empower the society by educating them.

                     --Guru Yogi Mohan 


Guru Yogi Mohan, Technology Expert &

Master of Kayakalpa

Kayakalpa is the oldest technology taught by the masters for existence and survival from epidemics and rare diseases. It is a nonmedical administration for the human body for 21 days and upon that the damaged cells of the body will be regenerated as new. It is possible by the approach of this technology. It is a kind of knowledge that all the physical glands will produce the resistance through the new cells. It is helping to develop physiological and intellectual problems. 


Kayakalpa For living Longevity &

Rare Disease 

 Kayakalpa is the oldest knowledge for living longevity, aging control, and solving human conditions and cancers. It is one of the trio factors based on the human body and mind. Individually all the science has limitations to working in the body. It can be a perfect career as a future technology in a health-based profession. Ancient alchemy or modern medicine will not work indispensably for human conditions and incurable disease. It has many practices and rituals in all its junctions and that will not work for basic reasons. Kaykalpa is an ancient methodology for regeneration body and mind through a 21 days medicine-free practice in an organized place. It will give aging control, solution for cancers, HIV, AMR, and the body will be organized to resist any situations. 

Kalpa Sutra For autism and Learning Disability

KalpaSutra is the ancient remedy for regenerating damaged cells. It is for the purpose of intellectual and physiological problems for children under the age of 18. This ancient methodology is usable for developmental delay, HDD, ADHD, autism, and other disabilities. This course is for parents, teachers, medical professionals, social workers, and career aspirants. It is not for the purpose of doing it by themselves.

Dr. Sachithanathan

I have changed my perspective on life and believes. I am a medical doctor practising for 30 years after my MBBS and MD, in neurology. My 23 years old son has been with intellectual disabilities and physical deformities. I am a single parent and it was difficult to manage his needs while my busy professional schedule. two years ago now, I meat Guru Yogi Mohan. He explained an ancient definition of human biology. His explanations confused me and being a medical doctor was not able to accept the terms. But it forced me to have a try for my sun. In 12 days things have been changed. His physical intellectual appearance has been changed. and in 45 days, he converted to a normal human being with intellectual abilities . and his physical disabilities disappeared and now he is an accepted person in the society. Thanks to Guru Yogi Mohan and heritage Campus. I suggest everyone to learn it and adopt it in life and profession.

Dr Sachithanathan, MBBS, MD

 Dr Shahida

I am Dr.( Mrs.) Shahida, working as an assistant professor in a medical college for 7 years. My only son shows autistic behaviours since his age of 3 years. The very first symptom for him has been an episode of epilepsy and after that, he is started to behave aggressively. The things have been upside down every day and he started to torture himself and attacked others. In our knowledge, we did every medical solutions, but we did not find any result from all those. Finally, we heard about Guru Yogi Mohan and Heritage Campus, that teaching ancient knowledge KalpaSutra for the solution for Autism and other behavioural problems. We underwent 21 days KalpaSutra program and we got the result in this period. We are recommending that all human conditions and rare diseases can be solved in a few weeks of time after learning the definition and approach. We thank to HeritageCampus and Guru Yogi Mohan.

Dr.( Mrs.) Shahida,MBBS,MD

Ms Veena

“I am Ms.Veena. One evening I felt that a body pain. In two days it has been very saviour and I was not able to afford that. I have no words when I am remembering the feel of pain now. I have been admitted to an emergency department of a multi-speciality hospital. They did some medication but the pain is not reduced. I have been referred to the intensive care unit and all the examinations took place. Finally, the result came and doctors explained that the blood has some kind mix which is not appropriate and that is why the pain. slowly I realized that I am a cancer patient. Doctors have to do nothing because they have no remedies for my pain . after 45 days I got discharged from the hospital and given me a bundle of medicines, but they hinted that my life is too short. 

In my village many people recovered for any kind of rare disease from Heritage Campus and guru yogi Mohan and they suggested me to go and ask Guru for a solution. 

When I meet guru at Heritage Campus, he told me that you don't worry, you will be fine in 21 days. I started to stay nearby place and followed the teaching and living of Kayaklpa .and in five days I felt that I am free from my problems. Now, 2 years ago, I am more young, energetic, and working in a bank with a social reputation.  Ms Veena G 




Question: I am happy to have an interview with you dear Guru Yogi Mohan. I heard about that you offering some new kind of knowledge through online teaching programs for solving all rare disease, living longevity and antimicrobial resistant? Actually I wish to know more about that? Will you please explain that for common man understanding?

Answer: Thank you for such a wonderful question. My topic is new for modern society because ancient knowledge is explained in different linguistics and languages. Most of the ancient teachings are worthy in some specific area than the modern sciences. The combinations of the old and modern innovations are capable to solve all the problems of the present human population. In this teaching program, we are teaching 47 rare technologies that have been taught through the tradition since the pre-Vedic period. Now in our society, as per the research registry of the rare disease, we have more than 1260 kinds of rare diseases. We have nearly one hundred kinds of disabilities include autism, retardation, all kind of deformities, and thousands of aesthetic imbalances in the human body. Now we have additions to the list which are called the coronavirus too. The major forthcoming problem is forecasted is the antimicrobial resistance or AMR. AMR is not discussing now the public because the public is unaware of the complications of the AMR. In other words, the coronavirus is also AMR. It is a condition that the human body will not respond to the bacteria and microorganisms to our body. In human body is like an anthill formed by the microorganisms. Generally, it is called microbes or sperms. Another way it is living cells. The various of the body cells are nearly 120 Trillion in the adult body. All these cells are from different species and genus. It is a phenomenon that starting from the union of the first sperm caused for a birth. Our body should produce appropriate microorganisms for resisting every disease and bacteria when and where required. Now our body is not performing to produce such kind of bacteria to resist the body. It is a metabolism happening by different basic causes. In other words, our body is not responding to medicine or antibiotic. It is a condition. Like all other rare diseases and disabilities, the human body is listed as a medically irresponsible body or living organism. If we did not apply appropriate solutions for these problems the human populations will end very soon and the stories of today’s universe will be a lost civilization for the future community. Thirty years ago now, I find out a few of the ancient and traditional technologies are capable to change this human conditions and through that, we can change the health problems of the society. I have developed theories and practices to educate society for following and applying to real-life events. Through that, we can overcome all rare diseases, antimicrobial resistance.

Question: You mean that your teaching is capable to change all such problems? How it is possible and what are the terminologies behind that? What are the medicines applied to that?

Answer: It is not with any medicines. There is another methodology in ancient and traditional knowledge of Indian mythology. We can do mange a human body or any body of every being can be recreated, altered, or repaired through the reverse technique through the way of how every being is formed. This technology has been taught by the masters for the subsequent generations. I am one in this traditional category and have a lot of experience. The problem has been not for technology but for the linguistics and language. Medicine will not work with human conditions. No medicine in whether it is natural or chemicals is not able to recondition a whole body into normalcy. That is why medical science called it human conditions and rare diseases. The modern system of medicine and drugs are developed as chemicals for preventing chemically the body. I am talking about ancient technologies. Ancient technologies in the sense, the oldest knowledge of the traditions. The ancient masters described all those technologies particularly for solving different kinds of issues for the human body and through that mind also.

Question: Why it is not possible by modern medicine?

Answer: Basically it is the difference in the definition of human biology and anatomical establishment of the body. We know about the definition of modern biology that learning in the modern schooling system. This definition has been established for the compromising of the definition of medical biology. The human body is developed from the fist cell donated by the male body through a union and after conceiving, it is developing in a particular equation. every activity on this earth is like that it is like a Fibonacci Sequence. There is a system for the formation of everything. That is why everything in the universe is in order. It has a proportion, ration, and relativity. This case to form a canon for every living and nonliving. where we are seeing all this can be decoded through a corresponding mathematical formula. It can be managed simply by using the algorithm which is available as markings and signatures of the masters. all those are well defined by the ancient masters. In the matter of administrating the modern medical system, it is a protocol to administrate. In ancient knowledge and technology, the administration, approach, definition, and demonstration of human biology are different than the modern definition. The understanding of ancient and modern biology is very important to change the concept and terminology. Modern medical science is based on disease and accidents. But now we need to recreate the body to normalcy. For that, we have to follow another perspective of human biology. Now our problem is AMR and rare disease mainly. That can be solved through these applications. I have no arguments something is good and other is bad. But everything has its own role in some way.

Question: What is the difference in the biological approaches in the ancient period as you mentioned?

Answer: As per the knowledge base and teaching of the ancient masters the birth and development of the human body are different. A birth is happening by the fusion of a sperm. It is associated with a light or energy, or a vibration. I have a definite answer for defining this. But it is along topic needs many thousand words to explain with lab proof. After this union this sperm is multiplying one to two, two to three, three to five, five to eight so on. This multiplication is a phenomenon that forming the shape of the body and organ. It is starting from the umbilicus area of the body. The umbilicus is a static point that will not change the position in the human body. it is a kind of aquatic life or living in the water. And during this time the human body is developing from tale to head. It is a reverse order for the development of the human body to birth. The multiplication of the sperms starting from the fist sperm is a continuous process of that body and this process will not stop in while until the death. Death means the development of the sperms or microbes is stopped working. This is known as microorganism or microbes in our bodies in millions of species and genus. For every new experience in the human body, a new species of microorganism or sperm will be developed and that will be the structure of the human body. These sperms are producing from the area of Gut. The gut is a point situated in the gastrointestinal part and as per the act and requirements of the body, corresponding sperms will be produced. This Gut we have to consider the first brain of the human body and all the activities based on the human body is based on the Gut microbe. After the birth and first cry, the gut strat to provide appropriate developmental microbes to develop the head and body in normal order. These two stages of human life are connected with the central neuron system (CNS) and it is called Gut –Bran-Axis. The Gut is producing microbes for that we have to intake appropriate food. And that regulates the health and development of the body, mind, and emotions. Whenever the gut is not performing a corresponding problem or action is shown in the human body that will present as a rare disease, cancers, HIV, or any disorder. The antimicrobial resistance is one of that. As per the ancient format, a human body has 98789 canon points in the body that is developing as the representation of the microbes. It is showing as the architectural balance of the human body tower. When at least one specious of the microbe is damaged, a corresponding area of the body will be acted differently. In ancient methodology, there are different kinds of formulas and administration to normalize the health of the Gut and that will start to reproduce the recanted micro-organism from Gut. Through this process, the body will be shifted to normalcy and the damaged body will be a normal one. It is not maintained with any kind of medicine and intaking approaches. It is called Kayakalpa. Earlier, in ancient times it has been a long process and needs to live in an organized place. Now with the support of a computer or laptop, one can organize a technical place by following the technical format of the terminology. In 28 days the body will be shifted to normalcy and one will be free from health issues specifically rare disease, cancers, virus attacks, antimicrobial resistance, and many more. There are technical measurements and calculations to follow this. The knowledge in that approach and restrictions are the important factors for these applications. I am teaching everyone this for the practice in a home. Through that, I hope the world will be fine forever.

Question: You have been trying to say about spirituality and Hindu mythology. Mythology and spirituality have been spoken stories through several hundreds of years. And spirituality is following the society in large! What specifically you have to mention than the established factors of religion and spirituality?

Question: You have been trying to say about spirituality and Hindu mythology. Mythology and spirituality have been spoken stories through several hundreds of years. And spirituality is following the society in large! What specifically you have to mention than the established factors of religion and spirituality? Answer: This is one of the social problems that we are facing today. As you said the society believes they are learned and understood everything under the sun and nothing is to be understood more than that. I have to mention about the spirituality first, then only I can express the other side of the topic. As we know the Indology, Hinduism, and Hindu mythology is starting from the infinity period. It has been stated thousands of years ago now. It has been started from the yogic tradition. Yogic tradition is not included in Hindu scripts. The scripts have been started after the formation of the Vedic literature Sanskrit. But it is the continuation of the tradition. As we know, the yogic tradition is starting based on the true experience of Himalayan life. In other words, the Himalaya is the largest laboratory for the experiments and demonstration of many secrets. There are many definitions and teaching aids to understanding technologies and application of spirituality. It has been a schooling system for education. Complete spirituality is the medium of the teaching and it is connected with every area of the universe and living. Now, It is very easy to understand everything through the modern language and physics for the new generation. Here in Hindu mythology, everything like body, mind, spirit, interactions, vibrations, and every action is calculating separately. Now we can decode all this through modern mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. It is very interesting and answers for thousands of mysteries scientifically. Real spiritual science is not stores and slokas . all these re technologies. That I am dealing with!

Question: What is spirituality in terms of tradition and Hindu mythology?

Answer: There are three classifications in spirituality as per ancient knowledge. It is three traditions based on the knowledge and responsibility of every person. The first one is the spiritual tradition, 2nd is the experimental tradition and 3rd one is physical tradition. As per the definition of tradition these three stages are the development of spirituality and tradition based on Indian mythology. They are spiritual tradition, experimental tradition, and physical tradition. The spiritual traditions are the disciples of a particular tradition that simply follows the fathers and forefathers. It is considered one is from the spiritual tradition is responsible to follow the knowledge from the immediate past tradition. Experimental traditions that they need to learn and experiment in true events. It is a kind panacea for getting true knowledge. After learning it from the masters forcefully or on request, they do test it themselves for experimenting. The experimental traditions are confessionalists in any way. Because they will not get the associate knowledge as a master. Physical traditions are not many experts but understanding things through some kind of stories through characters and their behavior. Later it became the epics stories. In this program, I am describing all three versions for the understanding of modern society. The first version explaining about every reason, cause, and examples.

Question: what is the Ice braking process in Himalaya?

Answer: Ice braking is a convince process across the mountain and valley during April and May of every year. Himalaya has two kinds of climate. Freezing the lake and mountain is a periodical process from October to May every year. A series of peculiar phenomena that take place on the frozen Lakes of Manasarovar is difficult to explain in words. Forming cracks in the freeze lakes and mountains. This breaking is happening in order from one place to another place. Most of the slabs coming out from breaking is keeping uniformity in size and dimensions. It includes huge blocks ranging from 50 to 100 cubic feet in volume. Some of which will be melted within a month's time. The ice cubes reflect like illumines and emits light. About 11 days before breaking, the disturbance in the Lake becomes most intense in morning hours and terrible sounds. One can hear notes of all sorts of musical instruments and cries of all animals. This phenomenon is happening by other cause connected with the relationship with deep-sea to Himalaya. Nine days before the breaking of the Lake, the coast wards sheets of ice, ranging in length from a few yards to many kilometers to get isolated from the large sheet of ice. It can see the lightning rapidity with which these torn pieces of ice get up the shores with great noises. These are stranded on the shores either as 1 to 2 feet thick sheets or in heaps 2 to 6 feet high or in smaller heaps of smooth thin glassy sheets. It is not like talking but experiencing it is different.

Question: What is a Spiritual tradition that you mentioned?

A spiritual tradition is the traditions of the learned masters like Lord Shiva. There is no confusion because they understand the things through the Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). In that tradition, the earth is considered as the mother of every being. Earth is a representation of the human body also. The human body is a prototype of Erath. Earth is formed from water. The human body is also formed in water. In the earth, there are trillions of living organisms. Every organism that more than 56 days of life is considered a living organism on earth. There is an equal amount of the living organism living in a human body. Now modern science has proven that 120 trillion living cells are there in the human body and all the cells are independent living organisms. There are more than 999 definitions comparing the earth and the human body. Finally, it teaches our body is the simulation of earth. When you understanding the whole part of it, you will wonder how it has been defined without a lab. That is why there are different objects around us to understand the facts. The big branches of Alchemy sciences and sixty-four arts and science whare formed or organized in such away. all those sciences are organized to manage all the sixty-four junctions in human life from birth to matured death. As per the beliefs of the Indians and especially Hindu traditions are respecting the snow abode Himalaya is the divine place of God Shiva. Himalaya has rich in gold, silver, diamonds, and different kind of pebbles. I am not describing the panoramic views and beauty of the Himalaya. I am trying to make you understand the technical background of Himalayan behaviors for the simple understanding. Himalaya has a kind of beautiful pebbles. These pebbles from Himalaya are known as Salagrama or Shaligram. It is a fossilized shell used in Asia as an iconic symbol and reminder of God. In Himalaya, there are a lot of such fossils, and a large amount of devotes society is keeping it as precious. In the year 1942, Swami Prenavanada had brought a marine fossil-bed weighing 14 pounds from the southern foot of Kailas Peak and sent it to the Geological Survey of India. (Evidence 1.) Geological Survey of India examined the first find of fossils from the Kailas Range. The report is “The specimens are very hard and tough sandy limestone containing marine fossils belonging to the lamellibranchs, referable to the genera Astarte, Ostrava, etc. The general look of the specimen and the faunal assemblage indicates a probable Mesozoic age for the beds (The Mesozoic period is 190,000,000 years old). Geological evidence tells us that millions of years back there were no Himalayas and that area now occupied by them was a huge sea, and that the Himalayas heaved up gradually in course of time and that they are still growing, and that they are the youngest though they are the highest in the world. Shells, snails, and other fauna of the sea, animals, trees, leaves, and other things that remained embedded in the strata of the earth have been, in millions of years, petrified, yet maintaining the shape arid structure of the originals. These petrified objects are called fossils; they may be of the sea or land-fauna, of plants, leaves, nuts, fruits, bones, or any other organic substance or even footprints of animals. The mystery about the Himalaya is still it is connected with the sea. Some 190 million years ago now, the Himalaya is come up from the sea and still, it is growing. I have a lot of experimental evidence for the Himalayan mysteries. There is two primary evidence is the deposit of fossils that the same species is available only in the Antarctic area dated today. The second evidence is the prests of the saltwater lake at the top of the Himalaya. Mansarovar is the freshwater lake and 21 Km away from that is saltwater lake Rekshastal is the specimens for masters of the tradition about the relation of the Himalaya and sea. Ice-breaking at the top of the Himalaya and lakes are another evidence for the growth of the Himalaya. three years of my life with my Gurs are given the live evidence for all this metabolism. I have a lot of physical evidence other than this, but the length of the subject not permitting to deliver here. But I have more than a dozen evidence with me and I am sharing all those while my teachings. Here the spiritual tradition explained how the earth is formed in this way. One side of the earth is growing in the form of Himalaya and the other side of the earth is pulling up in deep-sea like The Bermuda Triangle (, also known as the Devil's Triangle or Hurricane Alley). It is by the actions of vibrations in different frequencies. The sound is explained without using any supported instruments is called OHM. It is a vibration of the earth. I told you the human body is like an anthill. That is the same as the earth. Whatever happens in the growth of the Himalaya and The Bermuda Triangle, the same metabolism is happening in a human body. From the navel part ( near to umbilicus ) like sucking from the deep sea and pulling to the Himalaya, similarly, the body produces the things from the naval part ( The Gut)and that is the way developing the human life. The management of the human body and life is defined technically and practically. The spiritual traditions explaining more than ten thousand equations include the alchemy. 49 Klapa Sutras and 28 Kayaklpas are included in this tradition. Kayaklpa and Kalpasutra are for regenerating or creating an recreating a human body in good condition.

Question: What is the boundary of Himalaya in terms of heaven and Hell in spirituality?

Answer: After thus exhibiting a series of interesting and versatile transformations, the whole of the remaining Lake. These situations create a particular experience that there is no borderline for sky and earth. In another word, a direct relation is establishing the ultimate link with space and earth through touching super energy to the sky. I don't have a specific language to define the feel and experience of this situation. One can experience this phenomenon through sound, light, and smell. All three effects are presenting this situation. The next days, the villagers, pilgrims, and yogis go to closed places or caves to resist from the superpower from the sky and mountain. It is a kind penetration between the gravitational forces of the earth and the moon. There is a cycle of breaks in the lakes on the full moon or new moon day or the 10th day of the bright or dark half of the lunar month. Three weeks before the Lake breaks, a peculiar change occurs in the texture and hardness of the ice. During this period waves rising to the sky and roaring with sound. I am describing this because this is experimenting with some other topic for the teachings about different vibrations, energy, and matter. In this topic, we can understand about three-stage energy formation and its action happening in the earth and being. I have a recorded voice and visuals.

Question: How Himalaya became the laboratory and how it is defined by the yogic tradition and do you have relevance for that?

Answer: The ancient masters of the Himalayan tradition well-described about the action and reactions of nature by experiencing it in live actions. Himalaya is continually emitting and receiving any kind of force of energies. Most of the forces are different kinds of light, levitation, and gravitation for the body. This levitation that controls the relations with body and mind. The regulation of earthen relation and magnetic fields, which oscillate the body and mind relation from the Erath. The attraction and repulsion forces, influences, or atmospheric air, and thousands of other factors that cause damages and development to the human body is described by the ancient masters through the teachings of the tradition. There is practical evidence and for that, you have to see a video that is a complete change of a human body in 45 days. The teaching is how we can organize the forces for reorganizing a c.omplete human body.

Questions: What are the examples for the regeneration of the human body and mind?

Answer: The instant changes happening in the human body are the fundamental things noticed and taught to the disciples or traditions through the teachings. The kinnaras, a large area of land earlier it has been in the Tibetan part of the Himalaya, that the population has been attacked by repulsive forces and they became gender muted and dwarf overnight. This kinnaras are the part of the story of epics. There is another evidence also for a human body that started to swift to dwarf nature. Even today there are many areas known as people sifting to dwarf from normalcy. What I want to tell you is that the ancient masters of the tradition taught about the repulsive forces which will create ample changes and damages to the human body physiologically and intellectually. As I mentioned the story of ice breaks, there is a clear history and time table based on the solar, lunar, and other planetic motion. As per the lunar shift, the ice breaks and other phenomenal are happenings in the mount. By experiencing the same repeatedly are the markings in the seasons to remember and through that, the masters demonstrated the act of planets and the time. All the chemical and physical properties and its action has been defined in various ways. It is not only happening in the Himalayan region. But it reflects in Himaya and correspondingly it acts all part of the earth. Antimicrobial resistance and rare disease are happening similarly other than man-made toxins.

Question: What is important to your teaching for living longevity and antimicrobial-resistant (AMR)?

Answer: I have been explaining the innovational history of the tradition. It has thousands of year’s long history. Through this different experience of the masters, they taught about the remedy also using the opposite forces with parameters. All those are known as sutra. Sutras are technologies that for living longevities and survival. We can control antimicrobial resistance using the same theory.

Question: You are talking about the Himalayan stories, how it applies to modern society in everyday life?

Answer: I am talking about the genealogy of the innovations of the masters from ancient tradition and it became the Hindu spiritual science later. What I want to tell you is, the Hindu mythology has a perfect tradition of the knowledge and that has been used for the recreation of the damaged body and mind. I did it more than 3000 cases for 30 years of my life. My masters wanted me to wait until attacking crisis and calamities for the human population to teach it. That is my destiny. All these are practical technologies that everyone can practice in their life and can be a good healthy person without any life problem and they can lead a good life until matured death. This has been the primary intention of the development of spiritual science and Hindu mythology. All these are divine technologies that one can practice by themselves. I will guide them on how to do it.

Question: what are the extreme task of the masters of ancient tradition?

Answer: The poster and images of God is another topic. The belief in God is an important thing to control the internal and emitting chemicals of the body. A human body is a toxin emitting engine that frequently emits different kinds of pheromones chemicals. That we don’t have any mechanism other than the strong believes in Karma and Dharma. Dharma is a protocol that we have to think and do. A general administration is not practical to administrate the thought process to control the pheromones discharges from the body. The human life span is calculated based on various junctions in life and through that, it is designed 64 factors and sixty-four corresponding arts and science. Correspondingly the classification of the thought, desire, and the act of the body will be organized, and socially there is a control on that.

Question: What is the good deed and sin?

Answer: The classification of the thought process has been administrated by the Karma (act or activity) and that has been defined as virtuous deeds or sin. Through the listing of good and bad deeds, a kind of controls in body and mind is applied. That has been administrated perfectly by using the social organizational setup. Naturally, the thought is a two side sward and horrible factor that people will create enmity between others based on the discharges of the body. So, administrating this point has been the major tactics used in experimental spirituality. Organizing society in a perfect form has been a big task on those days. This creates all kinds of worshiping system and enforced the act of sin and good dead. And it has been mandatory science in the traditional schools of ancient yogis. Now our social setup is demanding to wear the mask to protect the virus. It is not a virus actually; it is a kind of discharges that are not possible to break with any vaccines. If one vaccine is developed for particular discharges, another one will have interacted with the body from someone else. A kind of discharges that happening continually between the body is an important factor for these problems.

Question: What is the physical tradition of spirituality?

Answer: The spiritual tradition, experimental spiritual traditions, and physical traditions are the three versions of the ancient traditions with complex situations. I have noted there are nearly 900 terminologies have been advised by the masters for the management of complex situations during the life of man. The words moksha, karma, papa or sin, good and bad, demon and god, heaven and hell are the measuring parameters for the terminologies used for educating the population of the earth. based on this the behavior pattern of the body will be changed. It is a hidden part of this theory because topics are new for a beginner in learning. The physical tradition is starting from the age of the pre-Vedic period onwards. After the development of the modern language Sanskrit, is established widely. I am not going the technicality of the languages. For everything, there are big stories and methodologies. All I am describing here with corresponding evidence. Here in this topic, I am mentioning things with proven experiments only. All the background of the situations can experiment with appropriate case studies. Now, the physical tradition is the definition and process of Hindu science. I have to mention Hinduism is science only. It is not a religion. The topic of the teachings in the Hindu school taught this scientifically. All the worshiping methodologies, God, temple, epics, Ramayana, Vedas, and other literature are the part of physical tradition and spirituality that is for maintaining the balance of the Kara and dharma formula. It is not defining the practical formulas of spiritual science. spiritual science has a genealogy from the beginning to end and it is complete science contains many technologies. for a better understanding and practical implementation one should study it through an educational process.

Question: Why spirituality has not been discussed in this way?

Answer: spirituality is always technical and scientific topics that need understanding its way. In each of every aspect sixty for science connecting the whole thing. For the practical administration, it has been taught as per the individual quality and there are no research works done based on living technologies in the modern community. Compared with modern science there are a lot of research works and educational processes need to promote. The Hindu system still needs more demonstration to the public.

Question: What is your promise to the society?

Answer: I developed many technologies for the betterment of society from traditional knowledge. Collectively it is more than 700 technologies that match to solve any human physical situations. That is capable to solve all kinds of rare diseases and disabilities. Include the Antimicrobial Resistance and living longevity.

Question: How you do that?

I have formed an NGO that is indenting to teach for the interested community. After learning the technicality one can practice it in their privacy. In the ancient period, it required a long duration to study it, maybe more than ten years. Now I made it commuter supported and one can learn and practice simply using a laptop. It is a universal health mission for future generations.

Question: What is the method of teaching?

Question: What is the method of teaching? Answer; I have generated a teaching platform through the website of our NGO, named Heritage Campus. I am available every five days of the week and one can complete the course in 100 to 120 days. This course is proven practical and people are interested in it. I am available to talk with students at the prescribed time. Thank you